Top 5 Telemedicine Apps:

Telemedicine apps can provide aid and support to your health condition at that crucial time and hours when you cannot find a doctor.

For example, if you woke up in the middle of a sudden heartache or acute chest pain then you will ask or wish to see a doctor but in the middle of the night nobody would be paying a visit to you and such unavailability of doctors broadens up new technological gateways and opportunities.

All the individuals across the world should majorly give away their vote of thanks to all the telehealth and telemedicine apps which help in consultation and treatment in the middle of the night.

Treatments and consultations can be provided remotely without paying any personal visits to the patients. This feature saves time, energy, and all the other things which get into the way when the life of an individual appears in danger.

The whole process is a fast, convenient, and last-mile savior.

Telemedicine apps have been making their ways of accessing and using their ways to healthcare via video chats and calls remotely.

Approaching a doctor becomes much more convenient and easy via such options which are made available to the patients and users in a remote manner and patients possess all the rights to use such apps according to their convenience and without any restrictions.

As technological advancements are taking every industry to the next level. Here are some rapid changes occurring in the industry and the top 10 players of this industry are as follows:

1. MD Live

2. Doctor on demand

3. Live Health

4. HealthTap

5. Lemonaid

Final Words

Telemedicine apps are becoming a necessity in this period when doctors and other healthcare professionals are not available to all the categories of patients.

The sudden pandemic boosted up the growth and made telemedicine a major industry dealing with healthcare issues in a remote manner.

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Originally published at on October 16, 2020.

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